. . . Tuesday July 5, 2005

Birkenstocks in Crawford

The opening on the Supreme Court will certainly offer up an interesting glimpse into the mind of the President. The smart money is on the nominee being somewhere between pretty conservative and incredibly conservative. The far right has already started an aggressive campaign warning W to make sure he leans more towards the latter.

But I wonder.

Maybe it’s a bizarre fantasy, but I’ve always had a strong feeling that Bush and Co don’t really believe a lot of the far right gospel that they preach. They push the message because they’re confident it can get them the extra points to win elections. I think it’s more of a Faustian (Roveian?) bargain than a firm set of beliefs.

W, after all, is the son of a president and attended Ivy League schools. Folks, if that ain’t the intellectual elite then what is?

You really think a guy with W’s background wants prayer in schools and spends a lot of time hoping to limit the rights of gays? Maybe, but I just don’t think so.

My gut tells me that W is a whole lot more comfortable wearing Birkenstocks in Kennebunkport than he is wearing steeltoed shitkickers in Crawford.

So that leaves him with a big decision. Does he follow his politics or does he follow his biography?

Concentration is important!