. . . Tuesday July 12, 2005

Bad Drivers Made Worse

If you’re a good driver, it will not come as a surprise to you that bad drivers ruin everything. They don’t pull our far enough when making a left at a light. They don’t know who has the right of way. They slow down in intersections where there is no stop sign. They can’t park. They take forever to back out of parking spot when someone is waiting (especially if that someone is a good driver — they can sense it). They block the box. They can’t merge. They don’t understand what’s going on when you are merging. They slow you down and cause rage on a block by block basis.

And they get mad at the other driver when they are actually the ones doing something stupid. You know what I’m talking about (if you don’t, you’re one of them).

So it shouldn’t surprise you that bad drivers will ultimately ruin the experience of talking on the phone while driving. If you’re a good driver, it’s no problem. The trouble is that folks who already can’t perform a lane change or enter a parking spot on the first try are also using their cell phones. It’s a growing problem. And I fear that talking on the cell phone while driving will ultimately be curbed in many major metros. It’s not fair. But the fact is that bad drivers are dangerous even when they aren’t talking on the phone.

And a recent Australian study indicated that folks talking on the phone were four times as likely to get into major accidents.

Too bad we can’t have one law for decent drivers and one law for the rest of humanity.

Or better yet, two roads.

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