. . . Saturday June 11, 2005

Counter Devolution

It may seem ridiculous that in this day and age we need to hit the streets to make noise in favor of basic human decency (especially at educational institutions). But do so we must (especially at educational institutions). And so it was in Tracy:

“Thirteen members of an anti-gay church from Kansas who picketed a high school graduation Saturday were met with about 250 counter-demonstrators, 30 police officers and numerous residents annoyed to see divisive protest in this normally quiet town.

Carrying signs reading, ‘America is Doomed’ and ‘God Hates Perverts,’ followers and relatives of the Rev. Fred Phelps traveled about 1,800 miles from Topeka to picket the high school graduation at Tracy High because they were upset that students at a different high school in Tracy gained administrative support for resurrecting their chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Those 250 people don’t show up and this is very different story that hints at a very different trend. Glad they showed.

Concentration is important!