. . . Monday May 9, 2005

Want Taxes with That?

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (recently named by Time as one of America’s worst mayors) has come up with a plan to tax his city’s residents whenever they buy food from a fast food joint.

The complaints about this proposal are numerous (not least of which are that it punishes those who have less dough to spend on dining out and it’s generally ridiculous), but here’s my main problem with such forms of taxation:

A fast food tax would essentially put Detroit into the fast food business. The mayor came up with the plan to deal with an impending $300 million deficit.

The goal is to make money. That means the more fast food Detroit residents eat, the better it is for the city’s bottom line. And I don’t like to see a municipality’s bottom line depend on the constant growth of its community waistline.

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