. . . Monday May 9, 2005

Tray Chic

I’ve been lucky enough to have a front row seat for the internet revolution since the early days when my wife took a job at a company that made enhanced CD-ROMS and I was building and marketing a non-profit site for Bay Area high school students and teachers (which at the time was like trying to sell rocket fuel to a cave man).

I’ve worked with start-ups and big companies and VCs and journalists and I’ve played the public and private markets. But I never really experienced the full power of the internet revolution until my friend Dave invited me down to eat at the Yahoo cafeteria (known in Sunnyvale as eating at URL’s).

Five seconds after walking into this food court mecca, one question popped into my head: What is the minimum number of hours a month one has to work at Yahoo to have access to URL’s? Being an obsessive eater slash carb addict, the Yahoo cafeteria struck me as something of an oasis in the middle of an otherwise vast and empty desert (which was strange as I had just eaten a couple of bagels in my car during the drive down 101).

Pasta station. Check. Salad bar. Check. Asian station. Check. Drink fountain. Check. Soup bar. Check. Sandwich section. Check. Burrito bar. Check.

Frozen Yogurt machine that diners get to operate themselves. Checkmate.

My lunch was Friday. And I haven’t been the same since. The Yahoo cafeteria has replaced Jessica Simpson in most of my dreams. (Only in the new dreams, instead of pasta, I am eating two large mounds of mashed potatoes – so there is at least some overlap.)

And now, I’m sitting in my SF office. It’s about 11am. And I’m going through all of my contacts who work down at Yahoo. Who might be free for lunch? Do I bother Dave again? He’s pretty high up, so he could potentially assign someone to have lunch with me…

But I better not. If I start making URL’s a regular stop on my lunch schedule, people will think they named Yahoo 360 after me.

Concentration is important!