. . . Monday May 16, 2005

Sitcoms That Are Too Funny

In something of a scheduling shocker, NBC has decided the bring back The Office for another shot next season.

They made this move despite the show doing miserable viewership numbers.

But why are those numbers so bad? I know the fans of the original BBC show think that the TV gods are punishing America for ripping off an already perfect show. But that’s not it. If you watch the BBC version of The Office, you are part of a demographic sliver that simply isn’t big enough to matter when it comes to network televsion (although, it should be noted, you do make the best dinner party guests).

The Office is failing at the box office because it’s too funny and too quirky and too creative. Why do people avoid The Office? For the same reason they avoid Arrested Development.

It turns out that while you love one thing, just about everyone else loves something entirely different.

Of course it should probably be noted that no one really watched Raymond in the beginning either.

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