. . . Thursday May 26, 2005

Scandaless: Staying Negative

It’s important the folks don’t mistake winning a staring contest with actually having a vision.

Has the Democratic Party moved in the direction of coming up with a positive, clear and well messaged vision for America under Howard Dean’s new leadership?

You tell me. Here is the big feature on their website:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of Tom DeLay. But does pointing out that a scumbag is a scumbag really make a for a quality Party platform?

Am I just taking one item out of context and pretending it’s a trend? No (although, as a blogger, it’s well within my rights to do so).

At the time of this posting, the three latest posts on the DNC Blog go a little something like this:

CBS News finds that Bush is out of touch: According to a recent CBS News poll, 61% of the country now feels that President Bush does not share their priorities, while only 34% say he does.

Judge rules against DeLay group: A Texas judge has just ruled against Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s group Texans for a Republican Majority, saying that it spent illegal corporate money in 2002.

Unreasonable opposition: In their trademark hypocritical style, House Republicans are standing in the way of affordable health care for National Guard members and reservists during a war which has caused the Army to fall short on its recruiting goals.

OK, so I think I’m getting the message here. Is that, uh, the GOP is really bad?

But there’s more to the message right?


What we have been seeing over the past few months is a Republican Party, a bit drunk with hubris and power, that has made some errors and seen some splits develop among its membership.

The way to take advantage of that is to give a clear, positive, and hard hitting alternative.

If they are digging themselves into a hole, go ahead and give them a shovel. But don’t help them dig.

To a relatively inattentive passerby, that just looks like a bunch of fools in a really deep ditch.

Concentration is important!