. . . Sunday May 22, 2005

Engineer Wanted

I’m looking for an excellent engineer who will not feel compelled to make me feel stupid (although that latter part is of course negotiable).

Details over at Davenetics

Engineer Wanted

Part of the reason that posting here has been a bit light over the past few weeks is because I’ve been working on the design of a new product that I’ve been wanting to launch for years. I’ve been working with an excellent information architect and I’m now looking for a freelance engineer who roughly fits this bill:

Seeking experienced Web application developer to architect and build a Web services-based application. Must have experience with PHP/MySQL/XML, Linux/Apache, and a solid understanding of RSS and Web services. Familiarity with Yahoo! Search API a plus.

The site will have some very light social networking elements (personal profiles and the like) and will generally bring mad glory and insane pleasure to all who type its url into their browser.

I’m hoping to find someone based in the SF Bay Area…

Does that sound like you? Email me at:

dave [at] nextdraft.com

I’m not dead-set on language, so don’t hestitate to ping me if you’re interested but excel in some other flavor of web development. The feedback on the product spec has been quite good, so I’m confident it will be a fun project to work on.

And, while I don’t want to make any promises that will stir up frothy memories of the madness of the boom years, if this thing works, I can almost guarantee there will be tchotchkies.

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