. . . Monday May 23, 2005

Big Companies in the Age of Podcasting

Steve Jobs just announced that the next rev of iTunes will enable users to find and manage podcasts.

That seems pretty quick, no? I mean, sure, there is a hell of a lot of buzz about podcasting, but usually the bigger companies just let the smaller companies figure some of this stuff out before jumping on board. When it gets big, the bigs get in on it.

Lately, big companies are taking the age old advice offered by Steve Martin back when he was funny: “Let’s get small.”

What’s with the new nimbleness? Is it the moment? Is it the fact that software tools can be developed more quickly? Is the rabid competition illustrated most clearly in the search arms race?

Whatever it is, it’s good for consumers. I’m not exactly sure what it means for start-ups.

It could mean that if you get an offer earlier than you expected and for slightly less than you had hoped, you might want to take it.

Hey wait. That would’ve probably been some pretty good advice last time the internet economy got cooking.

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