. . . Monday April 11, 2005

Spam Plus

What would it take for internet users to basically get used to spam? Something worse of course.

Enter phishing:

1. A hacker in California steals your credit card number from a corporate database.

2. The hacker posts a message on an underground Web site looking for help getting money off the card.

3. A Russian partner takes your credit card number and uses it to order a laptop online.

4. The laptop is delivered to a “drop” in the U.K., and it is resold.

5. The proceeds are sent back to the Russian partner, minus the reseller’s cut. The Russian partner sends half to the hacker and keeps the other half.

And, 6. Suddenly a Viagra ad doesn’t seem like that big of an inconvenience.

It seems to me that financial institutions and the government should be doing a lot more to inform internet users and warn them not to fill out information or open attachments except in cases when they are absolutely sure who the message is coming from.

There are some technical fixes coming soon, stay tuned.

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