. . . Wednesday April 27, 2005

Pumping Up the NFL’s Steroid Policies

So now a Congressional panel is grilling NFL execs about their steroid policy which has been called tough but not perfect.

Is steroid abuse really the worst lesson that our kids might learn while watching the NFL? Might be time to call a reverse on this line of questioning. How about starting with the average life expectancy of a guy who plays several years in the NFL?

Ever stood on the sideline of an NFL game? I have. The speed and force with which these guys hit one another is truly remarkable. If the average person ran a basic sweep left in the NFL, their body would disintegrate upon contact.

I am an NFL addict. (Played football, love football, oh, and sort of sucked at football.) I am so into the NFL that I will watch the entire Congressional proceeding on CSpan just to get my off-season fix. So I don’t want to sound preachy here. But this is a game that is all about rage and violence. We are all sitting in front of the tube waiting for that perfect crushing and violent blow. And if we don’t get it there, we flip on the Playstation and direct animated versions of our favorite players to crash into each other.

Should players take steroids? Of course not. But pretending that the biggest health problem facing NFL players is roids is like holding hearings on the sport of Boxing to determine if the corner stools are ergonomically correct.

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