. . . Monday April 11, 2005

Nazi Nonsense

Several months ago, Tony Blankley of the Washington Times described George Soros as “a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust.”

While surviving the Holocaust would have to be considered a pretty worthy goal for a Jew in Europe during WW2, I hardly think the rotund and disturbingly squirrelly Blankley meant this as a compliment.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that Blankley and several other similarly minded nutjobs were suffering from a severe Nazi fetish.

A few weeks ago, Blankley compared the Schiavo case to the medical punishments doled out by torturers at the concentration camps.

Not obscene enough for you?

Well take a look at this excerpt from a recent Moonies Pamphet Washington Times editorial that Blankley was plugging on the radio:

There aren’t many border-control success stories these days, but Arizona’s Minuteman Project is quickly becoming one. For observers wondering how average Americans can contribute meaningfully to homeland security, the Minutemen are becoming something of a model. If a comparison to Britain’s World War II civilian spotters seems far-fetched — the spotters were private citizens, often over the age to serve in the military, who watched for Nazi planes and helped British forces score some considerable successes — the difference is one of circumstance. That’s something for President Bush and the open-borders crowd to think about.

So let’s make sure we understand the metaphor here. If the Arizona Minutemen are the British spotters, then that makes the Mexicans – who are risking their lives so they can work in American fields and kitchens for a few bucks an hour so they can send a little dough to the relatives back home – the Nazis.

Not every event or political debate in human history has a side that qualifies as the Nazis. It’s really time to drop the comparisons. It’s idiotic from the extreme left or the extreme right. And it’s time to stop glorifying morons like Blankley on the television airwaves just because he takes an extreme position on every topic.

Concentration is important!