. . . Tuesday April 5, 2005

Ground Control to Major Sergey

A few months, Google acquired Keyhole, a company that enabled users to zoom in on satellite shot of any street or building. You’ve likely seen the output of the Keyhole content on the news as they supply images for several outlets.

I still remember, several years ago, when my friend John Hanke wheeled a computer and a lot of other equipment into my office to demo the technology. Over the years, the wheels became unnecessary as the tech was usable via a downloadable app. Now Google has made the same service available on the web at their maps page. Cool stuff.

This has been Dave Pell, coming to you live from here:

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This service is doubly interesting to me because I’m somewhat afraid of heights. Now I figure I can just use Google to see if I need any work done on my roof. Well, at least I can use Google and ask someone who knows about such things if I need some work done on my roof (I’m somewhat afraid of home repairs too).

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