. . . Monday April 11, 2005

The Gauging Cajun

Carville on Rove:

The truth hurts, and it pains me to say this, but Karl Rove is the pre-eminent political strategist in the U.S. today. Last August I went on the record as saying that if Rove managed to help George W. Bush win a second term in office, it would constitute the signature political achievement of my lifetime. Well, he did. And it is.

Well, what does that say about JC (James Carville) and the rest of the pack?

Rove deserves a ton of credit, but since this is pretty bold statement, it’s worth examining it some.

First, I wonder if the fact that Carville and the other Dem brains thought that a W second term was such a long shot is an indication that they were underestimating him once again and therefore misreading the race and the will of at least half of America (which would make effective messaging impossible)?

Second, is there a baseball metaphor here? When you are having a debate over the best players of all time, most of the time is spent comparing the eras and trying to figure out who played the best against the best competition. Is there a possibility that the homerun hitting Rove has been playing in an era of steroids, a juiced ball and bad pitching? In other words, is he that good or are the Dems just that bad?

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