. . . Tuesday March 1, 2005

You’ve Been Sidekick’d

One would think that the constant coverage of the fact that your product could be hacked would be bad news for a company. Think again. If anything, sales of Sidekicks are on the rise since the Paris Hilton fiasco first hit the net, airwaves, magazine stands and private, and locked bathrooms where the desperate moments of teenaged angst (which, unlike acne, usually doesn’t clear up for decades) are unfolding in all their glory.

If one didn’t know better, one might wonder if some of these freak events weren’t being planned by a publicist somewhere? Imagine Paris Hilton’s career without these supposedly unwanted releases of personal material…

It’s an almost zen-like quiet, no?

In an effort to test the market for such hijinks, I am posting this entry with my pants down around my ankles. We’ll see how it impacts traffic (at the very least, it’s getting breazy).

Concentration is important!