. . . Friday March 11, 2005

Who is a Blogger?

Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?

– The Who

Forget the question: Who is a journalist?

What about the question: Who is a blogger?

If you blog for a mainstream publication like the Washington Post or another newspaper, are you really a blogger?

What if you blog for a newer pulication like Slate, Salon or the like? If someone who blogs for Slate got a press pass to cover the White House beat, would that count as a blogger getting a press pass? Would it represent a breakthrough?

What about guys like Josh Marshall and Andrew Sullivan? Sure they blog, but they were known quantities long before they joined the personal publishing revolution. If Andrew got invited to cover a major event as a blogger, would that be a major event for blogging?

Or how about Jay Rosen? Is he a blogger? Yeah, he has a blog, but his site is hosted by his employers at NYU. Is that the same as if he had his own separate brand?

How about Drudge? He is mentioned in a lot of blogging stories, but it doesn’t really look like he has a blog to me. In fact, there are entire publications that label themselves blogs because that’s the latest buzzword, but when you go to their sites, you find no blogs.

And are the edgy writers from the high profile Gawker empire sites bloggers, or are they simply employees of Nick Denton? Can you be a blogger and not be self-employed?

And what about me? Am I a blogger? This site looks like a blog. I have my own independent brand – which much to the chagrin of my parents and wife, makes no money. I write blurbs with links to other web content and I post them in reverse chronological order. Damn, this seems like a blog.

But can you really be sure?

Concentration is important!