. . . Thursday March 10, 2005

What’s the Frequency Dan?

Give Dan Rather some credit for going out, amid all the controversy, in a way that represented his persona perfectly. He was overly serious and incredibly weird.

I know that Rather will long be remembered by netizens as a representative of the downfall of mainstream news. But I really think all the negative buzz and the resignation and the terrible work on the memo story were more about Dan than about the media in general.

Just as a small example: Even with all of the powerful bloggers calling for his head, do you really think Rather would be out right now if he were ten years younger, well liked inside CBS and much more importantly, leading in the ratings?

No chance. (Given the numbers he did last night, maybe CBS will bring him back for the Have the Courage to be Crazy Series.)

And here’s a prediction: In the next few months, I have a weird feeling that CBS will scrap 60 Minutes 2. And some of the same factors mentioned above will be in play in that decision as well. I’m probably way off the mark here, but I just have a feeling.

I mean you don’t think the execs at CBS or the many employees in the newsroom walked away from their TV sets last night repeating the word courage do you?

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