. . . Monday March 28, 2005

What it Makes it Even More Dangerous

No one should be surprised that Tom DeLay’s family once decided to remove life support from a relative. And no one should be surprised that Bill Frist on many occasions as a doctor had to make such decisions with family members of those on life support.

Unfortunately, no one should be surprised that politics has sent both of these guys over the deep end in the Schiavo case.

Frist making a pseudo diagnosis based on a videotape. DeLay ranting about his not caring what the husband has to say on the matter. Jeb Bush bringing in a new so-called expert who spouts off a new diagnosis without having performed any serious examination…

This is politics at its worst. Do they all mean it? Are they all this crazy? Hell no. They are trying to cater to the far-out right. Or as William Saletan writes: This is what happens when you approach a tragedy as a politician rather than as a family member. And this reality – that this is all largely based on political opportunism – is what makes it all the more dangerous.

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