. . . Tuesday March 15, 2005

We’ve Reached the Moutain Top

I still remember those breakfasts at Rocco’s Cafe on Folsom Street in a neighborhood that was about to explode into the digital age. There were big dreams back then of content that could be distributed on the web first, and later to the handheld devices such as phones (not to mention the free drinks and fleeces courtesy of just about every VC in the valley). There was the boom and the bust and the slow climb back. And now we’re finally here. Those first dreams of a formerly slacking generation have, in less than a decade, become reality for so many of us fortunate enough to live in the wired and wireless first world.

Friends, I give to you, mobisodes:

Verizon Wireless and 20th Century Fox are betting on Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress who seems to stumble into public embarrassment with uncanny regularity. They’re launching a ‘made-for-cellular’ series of one-minute videos based on The Simple Life: Interns, the Fox TV series starring Hilton and Nicole Richie.

It’s rare that reality can actually surpass dreams.

Concentration is important!