. . . Tuesday March 8, 2005

Walkman This Way

Can Sony catch Apple? We’ll see. The company has come out with a new lineup of flash memory Walkman MP3 players. They are priced a bit higher than the iPod Shuffles, but they are in the ballpark (a concession of sorts for Sony). You can also buy a model with an FM receiver which is a feature Apple has so far rejected (although I can’t figure out why).

It’s been 26 years since Sony came out with the Walkman. Some of you may remember that the product was originally called the Soundabout. I had one. At the time, there were only two choices. The Soundabout/Walkman or something called an Astraltune which was basically a padded car stereo with a headphone jack that was big among skiers.

Today, Sony enters a market that is already crowded and sure to get a lot more so in the near future. That’s good news for consumers. We’ll see what it means for Sony.

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