. . . Wednesday March 2, 2005

Thought Police: Beyond Broadcast

Those free-speech advocates who have found some solace in the fact that reach of Congress and the FCC only extends to the broadcast airwaves should stay tuned. Now it looks like our pals in Washington are plotting to control cable and satellite with threats of massive indecency fines.

Howard Stern may have to do his show door-to-door.

Ted Stevens, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation (doesn’t that sound like a bit much for one committee?), explains: “Cable is a much greater violator in the indecency area. I think we have the same power to deal with cable as over-the-air.”

Let’s see, if they have the power to “deal with” cable and satellite, I wonder which medium might be dealt with next?

Meanwhile, the FCC has officially stated that it’s OK to air Saving Private Ryan on network television and that no associated fines will be levied.

The jury is still out on witch-burning.

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