. . . Monday March 7, 2005

This Song is Not a Rebel Song

Because I’m a famous rock singer, people let me into their offices. At first, I think it’s just out of curiosity. But then I don’t leave.”

Bono spoke by satellite to a group of business leaders and deep thinkers at the recent TED Conference in Monterey. I went down there to attend a conference related dinner. And just about everyone I talked to described the same presentation as the most memorable, inspirational and thought provoking. It was Bono’s speech about Africa delivered via satellite.

You can view the major outtakes right here. Watch it. It’s excellent. Bono not only hits on what he calls the heart issues. He also gets right to the point of an idea that I’ve long been discussing here: Saving Africa as a means of self-preservation. People dying of a preventable and controllable disease in Africa is absolutely about the war on terror and the evolution of America’s leadership role in the world. But don’t take it from me, I can’t sing a note.

This song is not a rebel song, it’s a human one.

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