. . . Thursday March 24, 2005

She Seems Fine to Me

Think of the horrible amount of false-hope driven pain that this poor family has had to go through thanks to the religious nuts such as the quack who Jeb Bush referred to as a well-known expert.

This really is a sick attack on the dignity of our courts, our government and what’s left of the value we place on reason. And it’s coming from the very top. We need to wake up out here in the secular world. This is horrible stuff and a ridiculous abuse of power.

Let’s go over a quick update on the way religious-politics have worked in the last few years (and we won’t limit it to Republicans – let’s not forget the pathetic absurdity of Clinton toting around a bible for weeks after the Lewinsky scandal broke). Delivering lip service and actual legislation to the doorstep of the most conservative churches in America has been seen, in recent years, as a no lose situation. The religious fanatics (here defined as those who believe that our country should be based more on their god’s laws than those found in the Constitution) will turn out in big numbers if a poitician makes it clear he has the potential to behave like just as much of a nut as they are. On the flipside, only a small number of secularites will actually vote on this issue. They don’t hate religion. They don’t see the rise of the religious right as that much of a threat. So while they are turned-off by the religiousity of their leaders, they write it off as part of the game and return their attentions to secular issues (assuming that there are some left). You gain votes on one end and you lose none on the other.

This formula has to change. Those politicians who think their isn’t much to lose when they re-invent themselves to get votes from the evangelicals and others need to understand that these people are not friggin kidding around. They are not just another voting block.

But much more important that this is the need for secular voters to wake up and realize that they are in the middle of an all out cultural war for the gut of this nation. Time to fight back.

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