. . . Wednesday March 30, 2005

Scout’s Dishonor

Let’s keep the recent child-porn arrest of a Boy Scouts employee in perspective. In his job, he did not have day-to-day contact with minors and none of the photos on his computer were of Boy Scouts.

But there is a part of this story that fits into an increasingly familiar pattern. Take a look at this outtake from a Daily News article on the matter:

Just five months ago, he wrote a letter to a legal magazine blasting opponents of the boy scouts’ ban on gay scout leaders.

“Some intolerant elements in our society want to force scouting to abandon its values and to become fundamentally different,” he wrote.

You don’t need to be a PhD in psychology to be able to pick up on the repeated connections between organizationally mandated sexual repression and hate and horrific desires and acts by those who cling to these company lines.

The politicians and media may not want to pick up on these connections, but I guarantee you that the cops have.

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