. . . Thursday March 10, 2005

The Right Leaning Conspiracy

There are those among the Dems who believe that the Party needs to do a better job of messaging and re-frame the debate to redefine terms like morality. There are others in the Party who think that the quicker and better answer is to move to where the votes are.

It hasn’t taken too long for the Hillary 2008 campaign (which is well underway – all that’s missing are the placards) to show their hand on this one. Get ready for a move to the right that will blow past Lieberman and have the NY Senator mingling with the likes of Santorum and Brownback.

Currently, the move is manifesting itself in the support of a government bill to study the impact of all the sex and violence on television which Hill calls: “a silent epidemic.”

For now it’s just a study. But given the climate of these political times, wouldn’t you expect the real Hillary (or the old Hillary, anyway) to be focusing her efforts on, say, free speech?

So we’ll see a Hillary surge to the right and the Republican hatchet teams (Former First Ladies for Truth?) positioning her as a leftist radical.

All we need is about 10,000 screaming bloggers on each side and we’ve got ourselves a campaign.

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