. . . Monday March 7, 2005

One Man, One Brand

Josh Marshall has set up a temporary blog to focus on the Bankruptcy bill. It’s his brand, but the blog is being authored by others with domain expertise:

I’m not knowledgable enough about the subject to discuss it intelligently or usefully. And even if I did, my focus on Social Security would give it short shrift. So back to our experiment …

Professor Elizabeth Warren is an expert in bankruptcy law at Harvard Law School. And I’ve agreed to set her and three of her students at the law school up with a limited-duration blog here at TPM to follow the bankruptcy bill much as I am tracking the Social Security debate.

This is really revolutionary in two ways. First, Josh has become the first blogger to ever publicly admit to not being knowledgable enough to discuss a topic intelligently. And second, Josh is extending his own personal brand created largely through his blog. He handpicked the writers and he publicizes the new blog. This is the age of the one person brand.

Oh, and the new blog happens to be incredibly informative, not just about the bill in question but about the way politics works.

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