. . . Monday March 14, 2005

Monday Night Decency

After all the hype, the FCC has come to the conclusion that the Terrell Owen, Nicollette Sheridan Monday Night towel incident was not indecent:

We conclude that the material in question is not patently offensive, and thus, not indecent. In particular, the Monday Night Football segment, although sexually suggestive, is not graphic or explicit.

There may not be enough credit to go around here. First, the marketers at ABC managed to get indecent amounts of coverage without even having to be indecent. Second, this is the first time any organization has even hinted that anything about Terrell Owens is not patently offensive. And third, while all the attention was focused on this nonsense, millions of teenage boys were left free to channel surf over the stuff that really is pretty dirty.

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