. . . Thursday March 3, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Martha’s out.

And she left in a private jet.

Bottom line: Expect monitoring ankle bracelets to be all the rage this Spring.

The long term prospects for her company still face the same risk factor – the fact that it’s all about her. This time it was the feds. The next time it could be a bus.

But in the short term, expect a marketing juggernaut that will be unstoppable. Her departure from jail is being covered live on the 24 hour networks. Even Michael Jackson couldn’t get this much coverage unless he was doing an ad for Jesus Juice on the Cartoon Channel. Is the Martha coverage is ridiculous, irritating and an example of all that is wrong with news coverage in this country? Yes.

But at the same time, I’ve got to admit an intense urge to go to Kmart and buy a couple items from the Martha Stewart Everyday Plaid Collection. Think playful, colorful, coordinated, floral and as of tonight, free at last.

It just isn’t worth trying to resist. Buy the stock. Tidy up around the house. Prepare some simple finger foods for an intimate gathering with good friends. And just give in to the force.

Concentration is important!