. . . Wednesday March 16, 2005

It’s Really a 180 for Yahoo

Looks like Yahoo is finally about to get on the blogging bandwagon with Yahoo 360. They will start with a major pre-built community of early adopters in what has become the worst kept secret in dot com acquisition history.

(and yet, I’ll keep it)

It will be interesting to see if Y! only targets mainstream consumers or offers features that could be of interest to old school bloggers. The list of features on the beta page (which just got password protected after I linked to it) gives the whole thing a super-powered MySpace vibe. And My Space is where the growth is these days. Think LiveJournal meets music sharing meets photo sharing meets chat meets a bunch of other Yahoo functionality that needs to be better tied together.

Look at the recent moves and look at the P/E ratios and look at the multimediazation of the web. I think Yahoo is a better buy today than Goog.

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