. . . Wednesday March 16, 2005

In Hillary We Trust…

Nicholas Kristoff:

If the Democratic Party wants to figure out how to win national elections again, it has an unexpected guide: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Senator Clinton, much more than most in her party, understands how the national Democratic Party needs to rebrand itself. She gets it – perhaps that’s what 17 years in socially conservative Arkansas does to you.

The first lesson Mrs. Clinton is demonstrating is the need to talk much more openly about God and prayer. That resonates in a country where a Pew poll found that 60 percent of Americans pray at least once a day.

I can’t tell you how onboard I am with the idea that Dems need to focus a lot more of their attention on the heartland and yes, the South. But, damn, I really hope we can come up with a better way than becoming what they want to vote for. Of course if these trends continue, I may pray we don’t go that route and then, bingo, I’m electable too.

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