. . . Thursday March 10, 2005

I Am Journalist, Hear Me Type

Jacob Weisberg in Slate:

The breakdown of what once were formidable barriers to entry in the field of journalism is good news for democracy as a whole and for the press itself. The great cacophony of voices in the blogosphere means that more views are being represented, that more subjects are being examined in detail, and that more sunlight shines into institutions of all kinds. Thousands of bloggers ranting from their soapboxes mean that our political culture encompasses bracing debate about everything people disagree about. If you don’t like this raucous clamor emanating from cyberspace, you’re not really comfortable with democracy.

It’s no small detail that the folks at Slate really get this stuff. And they are now part of the Washington Post universe. That, and other hints that the Post’s thinking on these matters (blogs as something other than a threat) is more advanced than their peers, could put the D.C. based paper in the best position of all the majors when it comes to transitioning into the digital age.

Concentration is important!