. . . Tuesday March 15, 2005

Hope for TiVo?

TiVo announced a deal with Comcast to provide customized DVRs for the cable giant’s customers. The deal, in many ways, comes just in time for TiVo. Although they have 3 million customers and a strong brand, they are struggling in other ways and seemed to be a company waiting in the calm ocean waters during an early scene in the movie Jaws.

It turned out that the Shark only nibbled (I’m guessing Comcast’s deal terms are incredibly one-sided).

It will be interesting to see to what extent Comcast uses TiVo technology to bridge the gap between the television and the PC.

Here’s the part of the deal that should sound the best to TiVo fanatics (a club in which I am a proud member). The cobranded boxes will hit the market in mid to late 2006.

That means those in the know expect TiVo to still be around and functioning by then. That news is probably worth rewinding and playing again a few times.

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