. . . Monday March 21, 2005

Get Out of Here

You can analyze the unfortunate Schiavo actions taken by our Congress over the weekend (leading to today’s court case) from a variety of angles.

On one hand, it both confirms the powerlessness of the reality based Democrats in the Senate and House. It also drives a final stake in what was the Republican Party (dedicated to state’s rights and keeping government out of our lives). Will this create a long term rift between old school GOPers and their more rabid counterparts? Who knows?

But I don’t want to talk about any of that. I don’t want to talk about this poor victim’s medical history or the fact that you can find a doctor to say almost anything these days. I don’t want to talk about the family’s right to life lawyer who described the removing of the feeding tube as Hilteresque or the other right wing pundits who have made reference to policies in WWII Germany. It’s too disgusting to comment on; too repulsive to even make the easy point that these same lawmakers and pundits are ignoring an actual genocide in Africa as they pontificate about the one supposedly taking place in Florida.

This poor, poor woman has been turned by opportunistic lawmakers and activists into the world’s largest fetus.

But none of this is what this story is really about. What it’s really about, at its core, is that a slimy imbecile like Tom Delay has somehow insinuated himself into a private hospital room between a husband and wife. And he and his cohorts need to get the fuck out.

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