. . . Monday March 21, 2005

Forget Jeeves, Ask Barry

Barry Diller’s IAC has made a $1.8 billion offer for Ask.com. John Battelle suggests that the deal is all about television.

Even if one limits one’s thoughts about this deal to the net, it will be quite interesting to watch. John provides this quote from a Diller interview in Business 2.0:

“But it is the difference between a general practitioner and a specialist. The specialization of Expedia’s travel product is very hard to do. Brands that resonate with people have power. I would rather compete using a brand like Match or Expedia that does a service really well instead of using a portal.”

I tend to agree with that line of thinking. I use portals as a jumping off point rather than a desitination in most cases. So how will search fit into all this? We’ll see. The place of Bloglines in the Diller empire will also be interesting.

To be totally honest, I’ve never met anyone who uses Ask.com, ever. It’s just a detail, I know. But have you?

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