. . . Tuesday March 29, 2005

Do You, Uh, Mojo?

Om Malik has a good piece on How Yahoo got its mojo back.

The key for Yahoo, I think, is to lose the Google-envy (which may have already happened) and to focus on what they do well and better than Google (which is still a lot). I still think Yahoo is better positioned to be one of the real power centers of the web as media types converge. For example, I’d give them the edge when it comes to video search. That’s not to say the Google’s search will not work as well or better. But Yahoo is better positioned to work with big media and big advertisers to monetize that content with something other than ad words. Why? Because they’ve been developing and executing on these relationships for years.

Yahoo was out in front when it comes to the adoption of RSS. I’m not sure you can even compare Google News with Yahoo’s suite of offerings. On the other hand, when I search for news, I’m all about Google.

It will be interesting to see which company thrives in what areas. A lot of the story will be telegraphed by which acquisitions each company makes. It’s fun to be a user these days, eh?

Concentration is important!