. . . Wednesday February 23, 2005

Your Favorite Position

Michael Tomasky on the Dems:

… They should begin by realizing that talking about “positioning” isn’t enough. It’s a second-step question, and it skips the first-step question, which is, what do we believe? Then, once they have a handle on what they believe, they can talk about positioning. Admittedly, it’s a harder question to answer, but they’ll have a hard time selling themselves to 51 percent until they’ve answered it.

It’s true that Dems need to give a long and introspective look at what it is that they believe in (and if the answer is that they believe in the GOP’s winning message because it won, then drop me off at the next stop).

But let’s not for a second ignore the importance of positioning and messaging in the age of marketing. The fact is that almost any program can be sold if the marketing and framing is done right (see the re-election of George W Bush for details).

Concentration is important!