. . . Thursday February 24, 2005

Maybe You Just Hate God and America?

During the election, playing on people’s hang-ups about homosexuality and attacking the patriotism of those on the other side of any issue both proved to be somewhat effective at the polls. So why not use the same tactics again? Why should effective attack ads be issue specific?

If there are groups that oppose you on an issue, you can go the long way around and debate them on the merits and build a base of support. Or you can take the expedient route and just convince a certain segment of the voting population that those who oppose you eat quiche. Enough said.

That seems to be the philosophy of USA Next. In an effort to discredit the AARP (a organization that opposes the President’s plans for Social Security reform), USA Next (with the help of consultants who worked on the swift boat ads) has gone straight to the core of issue.

They released an internet ad suggesting that the AARP is strongly in favor of gay marriage and is opposed to supporting the troops.

Translation: They hate god and America, so how can you trust them on the issue of Social Security? This revelation should come as quite a shock the the tens of millions of American seniors who thought the core policy of the AARP was to get them discounts at the Sizzler.

Are these kinds of tactics too ridiculous to be effective? Well, they’ve worked before. Remember, the nuts over at the USA Next (and their swift boat pals) know this is nonsense. It’s part of a strategy.

At the very least, the AARP and its supporters will spend a few cycles ripping this ad instead of ripping the President’s Social Security plan.

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