. . . Thursday February 24, 2005

Luntz and Again

Want to understand how they did it (and plan to do it)? There is no better source guide than the Frank Luntz playbook which is now making its rounds on the web.

Example: If the other side talks deficit, you talk 9-11.

There’s much more. And you can even download the playbook for some deep reading.

I guess it’s nice that Luntz finally made the internet scene (although I’m sure it stings a bit that Paris Hilton’s cell phone beat him to it). I’m not sure that there is that much in the GOP playbook that hasn’t become pretty obvious by now. But today, they are like the old Packers. You know what play they are going to run and you still can’t prevent them from moving the chains.

As for Luntz, now that his playbook is completed and out there, maybe it’s time to move onto bigger and better things. I’d like to see him as the genius behind a new dating site. If you can sell the Bush Social Security plan, you ought to be able get the digits at a singles bar.

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