. . . Tuesday February 22, 2005

I’m Going to Pornoland

Hey, Alberto Gonzales, you’ve just been confirmed as Attorney General by the U.S. Senate. So what’s first on the agenda? Tort(ture) reform in our overseas prisons?

Heck no. This payback time for the support of the far right and Alberto is going to Pornoland (that’s the San Fernando Valley to you and me).

In one of his first acts as Attorney General, Gonzales announced that he would reinstate the obscenity charge against a California pornography company.

Symbolism is everything in politics and this move (the money shot, if you will) was meant to send a message.

On some level, such a move makes sense from Gonzales’s perspective. But I sometimes wonder about the political ramifications of going after an industry that politicians love to hate publicly but which has also “somehow” managed to become one of the largest businesses in the world.

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