. . . Thursday January 27, 2005

WiFi or Bust

Talofa from Samoa.

As you can see from the photo below, my wife and I have searched high and low for a decent broadband connection here in Samoa.

Yes, there is the occasional internet cafe, but we are Mac toting, Bay Area, techno-geeks and are above such things. We did manage to arrange a dialup account that we can access (usually after 5-6 tries) from our hotel room. I never thought I would have to hear that dialup connection sound again.

With the limited connectivity, posting will be a bit on the light side and photo sharing will be even lighter.

The photo above was actually taken on the way back from our afternoon trip to Sliding Rock, a local swimming hole where the rushing waters have created a natural slide of sorts. After we paid our 60 cents each to the people who live in the village, my wife wasted no time sliding down the steep rocks known as the “men’s slide” while I stood by and took pictures. Hey, what can I say? I knew my Nikon D70 could get me out of a few activities.

The heat here this time of year is hot. Real hot. Think of the West Fourth Street subway station in Manhattan, bottom level, late August on a particularly humid day … add direct sunlight, and you’ve got Apia, Samoa at 7am in January. It’s summer here. That means we’re looking at temps that are about 5 degrees warmer than winter. No need, in other words, to pack a sports coat (or sleeves of any kind for that matter).

Your local tip: Anything that seems unexplainably odd is known around here as Samoan Style.

An example: Yesterday, we got in a cab to my wife’s cousin’s house. We only knew the name of the village and the name of the home owner. There are no addresses here. So we drove and drove. Finally, we pulled into a driveway, knocked on the door (which seemed like overkill as the house was open air) and asked the residents if they knew where my wife’s cousin lived. They did. We found them. Samoan Style.

Other than that, we both miss our cats back home, but we’ve managed to compensate by making quick friends of the tens of cats who roam the property where we are staying. They have already identified us as their kind of guests (the fact that I put a bowl of Friskies on our front steps probably didn’t hurt).

Back with more adventures soon.

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