. . . Friday January 14, 2005

When Hard Drives Learn to Think for Themselves

Take a look at this product description for a new hard drive model set to be released by LaCie (link via):

User Benefits:

- Play back movies, music and photos on any TV

- Hi-Speed USB powered to store, backup and archive data

- Portable entertainment center for family, friends, or traveling

- Easy on-TV-screen navigation with user-friendly remote control

- Ultra-quiet, pocket-sized, light-weight and slim design

Wait is that a TiVo? Or a jukebox? Or a photo library?

Guess what? All of these products have been able to advance dramatically in the last few years because of bigger and cheaper hard drive space. At what point to hard drive manufacturers stop being satisified by just being one piece of the puzzle? Well maybe right now.

If your hard drive learns to think, it changes everything.

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