. . . Monday January 3, 2005

What is a Blog?

Question: What is a blog?

Answer: It doesn’t really matter.

According to a recent Pew study on the state of blogging, 62% of internet users still do not know what a blog is.

But that might not really matter at this point.

Eight million American adults say that they have created blogs. Blog readership supposedly hovers around 27%. And about five percent of internet users say they use RSS readers to keep up with blogs and other news sources.

But blog writing and reading has become so mainstream that many people may be reading blogs and not even really know that they are reading them. Besides, so many journalists read blogs that even if you don’t read them yourself, you’re ultimately feeling their impact.

The point is not whether the average internet user knows what a blog is. The point is that the the vision for the internet that thrilled internet entrepreneurs and creators and users before the boom bust cycle is back in full force. It never really disappeared, we just got distracted for awhile.

Even the most old school players are now realizing the power of user created and/or manipulated content. Today the news is all about blogs. But just wait. This is about writing, but it’s also about video, audio, photography and more. The age of the empowered individual has arrived and the way we seek and consume the related forms of creative output will never be the same.

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