. . . Friday January 7, 2005

Un-Covering the Story

Brent Scowcroft warned that the Iraqi elections would actually increase the chances of a civil war. President Bush countered by explaining that he is very optmistic about “such an incredibly hopeful experience for the Iraqi people.”

So how are things really going in Iraq? It’s often difficult to tell, in part because those tasked with covering the story find that is increasingly difficult to do so.

In this excerpt from an upcoming episode of Frontline/World, Rory McCarthy, reporter for the Guardian explains:

“It’s become increasingly frustrating…it’s impossible for me to walk down streets, go to coffee shops, sit down and talk to people. That sort of thing was possible a year ago, even six months ago. So more and more, I’m asking my translator to go to more tricky places and do work for me.”

Concentration is important!