. . . Wednesday January 12, 2005

The Top 25 Innovations

This week, the folks at CNN are offering up their list of the top 25 innovations of the last 25 years. The list includes such pedestrian selections as PDAs, Personal Computers, ATMs, etc.

I decided I should offer up my own list of some of the most critical twists, turns and creations of the last 25 years or so (with an emphasis on the more recent years). Here they are:

Tool used to pump jelly into glazed donuts

The Flowbee

The Ashlee Simpson

(Its mouth moves with the music)

Online Poker

The notion of delivering DVDs in a brown paper-bag to your doorstep

The incredibly short shirt combined with the disturbingly low jeans.

The fact that we refuse to stop gaining weight

Having both the Consumer Electronics Show and the Adult Video Convention under one roof at one time in a city where gambling is legal.

The Remote Control

(AKA Old School WiFi)

The uninformed electorate

(sure makes political strategy a lot more fun)


Project to completely detach merit from political power completed

Stealing Music

The universal (and strikingly upsetting) adoption of the use of the phrase wife beater to describe a type of undershirt.


Kozmo, and absolutely everything it stood for (the need for immediate gratification, an unwillingness to get off of our asses, crazy valuations for hopeless dot com start-up companies, bicycle messenger related practical jokes … all of it)

Pop-up blockers

Dance Dance Revolution

(You can’t see it yet, but it may very well have saved an entire generation).

Clinton’s assertion that, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

The worldwide appeal of a really fat guy who transformed himself into a sort of fat guy by eating nothing but fast food sandwiches.

The warning that if you’re erection lasts longer than four hours you may need to visit an emergency room.

Tony Soprano

The legalization of drugs for white people in nice neighborhoods

The rhyming of Fit and Acquit

The fact that I just wrote this and now you’re reading it and we are not anywhere near each other…


Have any picks of your own? Hit the comments link below and fire away.

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  1. posted on January 14th, 2005 by Anonymous

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  2. posted on January 12th, 2005 by Anonymous

    Oh! You mean like a disturbingly good slice of cake?

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