. . . Wednesday January 19, 2005

Simon Says Record

Wired’s Chris Anderson longs for an easier way to program his TiVo from anywhere on the web:

When I see mention of a TV show that I want to record, I’d like to highlight it and right-click (Mac users insert your own favorite shortcut here).  A new option on the pop-up menu that appears would be ‘Record to DVR’. If I select that, the app would do a quick search on the phrase, returning with enough information to let me choose the particulars of what I want.

Of course, this is a valid request. And in the next several months you will start to see more browser plugins that find content on a page, highlight it, and allow you to manipulate it in various ways (send it to your phone, program a DVR, share it with a group, add it to a wishlist, etc.). It makes perfect sense and the time is right.

But don’t expect it from TiVo. This is just the kind of simple and obvious tool that they should have been providing instead of offering new-fangled technologies that only complicated their marketing message.

Forget something as interesting as a plug-in. What if a portal or search site wanted to put a TiVo-this button on every television listing in their system (just as an added value to their users)? If you were TiVo, what would you say to that?

The answer is surprising and is made clear by the fact that there is no such button at any of the major portals or search engines today.

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