. . . Monday January 17, 2005

The Secret China War

China is an awakening giant. They are leading the world when it comes to producing goods. New freedoms have led to an explosion of economic opportunity. They are well over a billion strong. And they are none too shy about pirating everything from Hollywood movies to prescription drugs.

So let’s say you were part of a covert American team tasked with making sure that China’s development posed no threat to U.S. economic and cultural dominance. What would you do?

I’m not necessarily saying that is what’s going on here. But there are few more effective ways to slow down an ascending culture than by introducing KFC into their diet.

There are already more than 1,200 KFCs in China. According to the CEO of KFC’s parent company Yum Brands, “We are really positioned as a part of the fabric of life in China.”

In that case, they’re going to need a lot more fabric.

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