. . . Wednesday January 12, 2005

Missing Bernie Kerik

Well, it’s day two of Michael Chertoff watch and so far, we’ve got nothing. No nannies. No affairs. No mob ties.

There is very little controversy so far, unless you count that fact that Chertoff was one of the lead prosecutors in the Whitewater case and is widely known to have a bit of a fetish when it comes to the scent of John Ashcroft’s neck.

Actually, this guy is incredibly confirmable. He’s already been confirmed by the Senate once. He was in on Whitewater but split before the Monica issue showed up and complained that the investigation was dragging on too long. He helped to write the Patriot Act but later expressed concerns about the threat to civil liberties. Nicely done.

Here’s what strikes me as the most odd thing about the whole Homeland Security nomination process. How is it possible that a guy like Kerik and a guy like Chertoff both have the qualifications and the qualities required for the same job?

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