. . . Friday January 21, 2005

The Jeb Cam

I made a brief reference to this earlier, but now I’ve got the picture to prove it. Among the (very) amateur photographers working the Inauguration on Thursday was none other than Jeb Bush (or as I like to call him, Pro Tem). That seems fine. But take a look at Jeb’s choice of gear to cover this momentus event.

It’s a friggin disposable.

Forget the that his shots are going to be lousy or that the dude from the one hour photo place is going to be selling copies of Jeb’s Inaugural day memories on eBay for the next six months. The real issue here is that the use of such a weak camera is just so decidedly un-dynastic.

If Jeb is going to be the next in line, he really needs to step things up a notch. You don’t bring a water balloon to do a bunker buster’s job.

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