. . . Tuesday January 4, 2005

Happy F’ing New Year

During Jay Leno’s live New Years show, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil celebrated the strike of midnight by turning to bandmate Tommy Lee and saying “Happy fucking New Year, Tommy.”

Guess how many calls were received by NBC and The Tonight Show?


This goes to show you two things. First, not that many people care about the occasional late night expletive on television (and the handful who do were apparently either in bed or watching Regis in Times Square). And second, shock value is tied to context.

In the case of these Motley Crue dinosaurs, we expect the F word. How would a parent possibly explain to their children why Vince Neil didn’t say fuck?


Update: You guessed it. Now the FCC is involved. Ridiculous. Listen, in all seriousness, here’s an important piece of information to consider. No kid watches Leno. No kid knows who the hell Vince Neil is anymore.

Of course, no one under the age of thirty really cared about Janet’s nipple either, so maybe that’s not such a powerful point…

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