. . . Tuesday January 25, 2005

Combination Rice

The debate over the Condi Rice is in many ways less about her (long story short, she’s in and that’s that) and more about the internal battle over the direction of the Democratic Party.

A couple outtakes:

Kennedy: “I intend to oppose Condoleezza Rice’s nomination. There is no doubt that Dr. Rice has impressive credentials, her life story is very moving, and she has extensive experience in foreign policy. Dr. Rice was a key member of the national security team that developed and justified the rationale for war, and it’s been a catastrophic failure, a continuing quagmire. In these circumstances, she should not be promoted to secretary of state.”

Lieberman: “Our responsibility is to determine whether the nominee is fit for the position … and whether the nominee, in our judgment, will serve in the national interest. And of course I conclude that Dr. Condoleezza Rice meets that standard at least and much more.”

One half of the Party is going along calmly. The other half of the Party is making a lot of noise in an effort that they know will amount to nothing.

Anyone think W and Co are quaking in their boots yet?

A headline in the NYT sums it up thusly:

Democrats Use Rice Debate to Inveigh Against War in Iraq

The sentiment might be right, but the timing is way off.

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